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About AAWIC Online Media Series

The AAWIC Online Media Series highlights the works of African American Women In Cinema A-list members. This online presentation features shorts, webisodes, and feature films. This unique program enables our viewing audience to support women of color filmmakers through African American Women In Cinema Organization.

We will be closing out the 2020 season with a Special Encore Presentation of some the most popular films that were featured since the inception of the Online Media Series last spring. 

With a small donation per film view, the audience is able to support and view the works of these talented filmmakers. Each participating AAWIC A-list member will receive a grant.

We want to thank all of our talented filmmakers who participated in the AAWIC Online Media Series during 2020.

We also want to thank all of the people who supported and continue to support our filmmakers. You have helped to make the AAWIC Online Media Series a success!

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Online Media Series – Special Encore Presentation

November 27th – December 31st

Donation:  $5 per Film Rental

Producer, Sarah Campbell, is a native of Kansas City where she pioneered the sport of Women’s Basketball. As a freshman in high school, Sarah led her team to the State Championship Class 3A. After college, Sarah played a season with the Swedish Federation where she was a standout—leading her team and averaging over 30 points per game.
THE VISION — A true story about the success and struggles of the Women’s Basketball Association (WBA), created by Lightning Mitchell, and the opportunity for women to play professional basketball in the United States, just as their male counterparts did.
Filmmaker, Shayla Racquel, has won numerous awards  for writing, editing and directing. She  believes she gained her creative and entrepreneurial spirit from her grandparents, and her childhood battle with serious health issues is what brought her closer to the art of storytelling and the love of filmmaking. Shalya brightens up a room when she greets you with, “Smiles are contagious so get sick!”
RIVERMENT — A former Civil Rights activist fears for the safety of her granddaughter when her granddaughter decides to follow in her activism footsteps. Riverment highlights how women have been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of all movements. 
Filmmaker, Shana L. Darabie, has been passionate about film and television since her youth. Her creative career progressed from fashion design, to motion graphics for web and television, to filmmaking. Having recently completed another short film, Shana is currently working her first feature film—a horror film.
THE TRAIL is the story of a husband and wife who, while out for a day trip, find themselves lost on an inescapable trail. Their predicament puts further strain on an already strained relationship.
Filmmaker, Dierdra McDowell, wrote, produced and starred in this critically acclaimed short film, which was also directed by Marishka S. Phillips. If her face looks familiar, it’s because she has appeared in numerous commercials, television shows and movies over the years, as well as modeling in magazine and billboard ads.
LOVE ALWAYS, EARTHA brings us the life story of the legendary Eartha Kitt. Despite her great success as an adult, Eartha remained haunted by her past and was always in search of the nurturing feeling of unconditional love she lost when she was abandoned by her mother.
Leddy Hirschhorn makes her filmmaking debut as Assistant Director on the documentary film, Undefeated (A story about a hip hop dance crew). Leddy is truly a woman of cinema.
UNDEFEATED — The fast-paced cultural hip-hop dance wave has taken its place in the underground world and on the ground period. Four African-American teenage males set out to prove that there is a shift in our cultural hip-hop dance, and, from poverty, they set out to make their mark in the world. Possessing a quiet voice the dedicated crew feels that they have what it takes to wake the nation.
Yolonda Ross is an actress, writer, director and producer. If her face seems familiar, it’s because she has had prominent roles in feature films and TV & cable series, including the critically-acclaimed Lena Waithe Showtime drama, The Chi. Her impressive resume includes working with many top names in the entertainment industry. Yolonda will be making her directorial debut this year with her romantic drama, Scenes from Our Marriage.
WOMAN OUTSIDE — Every day, an abused homeless woman’s cries for help go unnoticed. When she encounters a lonely business woman, and recognizes this stranger’s isolation as her own, she pursues this chance connection as a chance for her survival. (Directed by Shelly Lauman).

The Presenters

African American Women In Cinema (AAWIC) organization has served as continuous support for the vibrant work of women filmmakers for the past twenty-two years. AAWIC has provided a platform to showcase experienced and novice filmmakers, directors, producers, screenwriters and/or actors. Our mission is to expand, explore and create business opportunities for minority women filmmakers throughout the entertainment industry. It is the goal of AAWIC to give artistic women a path to fulfilling their dreams through showcasing their talents, exposure to peers’ interaction, and mentoring by established professionals.

In addition to donating to the grants for the individual featured filmmakers, we welcome and greatly appreciate any additional donations to the AAWIC Online Media Series project. You can make your tax deductible donation by clicking on the button below.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the AAWIC Online Media Series, or any of our other programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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