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About AAWIC Online Media Series

Celebrating the upcoming 22nd AAWIC Film Festival, this monthly series highlights the works of African American Women In Cinema A-list members. This online presentation features shorts, webisodes, and feature films. This unique program enables our viewing audience to support women of color filmmakers through African American Women In Cinema Organization.

With a small donation per film view, the audience is able to support and view the works of these talented filmmakers. Each participating AAWIC A-list member will receive a grant.

We are pleased to inform you of our September Grand Prize winner, Mary McDaniel, writer and director of the short film, On Borrowed Time.  

We want to thank all of our very talented filmmakers for participating in the the AAWIC Online Media Series. We look forward to seeing more of their works in the future.

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September Featured Films

Thank you for your continued support!

The September AAWIC Online Media Series has concluded. The winner will be announced in a few days, as well as the lineup of October’s featured filmmakers.

Donation:  $5 per Film Rental

Filmmaker, Mary McDaniel, was accepted into the film program at The Los Angeles Film School in 2009, where she learned the fundamentals of filmmaking that allowed her to be an innovative and creative artist. As a writer, director, and producer, she uses dynamic and gritty storytelling to convey overcoming diversity in a powerful and uplifting manner.
ON BORROWED TIME A couple struggles to cope with the tragic loss of both of their children on the same anniversary date—May 19th. Their 24 year old daughter had been killed by a suicide bomber while serving in Afghanistan, and her 16 year old brother, unable to cope with the loss of his sister, had taken his own life 2 years later. A sudden discovery helps bring comfort to the grief-stricken mother, Marion.
Filmmaker, Jamie Walker, is a writer, director, and producer with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She received funding from The George Lucas Family Foundation to complete her M.F.A. in TV and Film Production at USC School of Cinema, where, in her second year, she was inducted into The Academy of Motion Pictures “Gold Program.”  She has worked with top names in the industry and has won several film festival awards, including Best Short at the Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival for her first year grad film, Sandra: Say Her Name.
SANDRA: SAY HER NAME A woman’s plight begins after she fails to signal a lane change. (Inspired by a true story.) 
Jenny Brizard studied dancing, acting and singing at Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto. She has been a member of  Ghislaine Dote’s Virtuo Danse company in Montréal since 2004. A true performer at heart, her dancing and acting credits span across stage, TV and film.

C’EST MOI — In 1734, a black slave was tried, tortured and executed for burning down the city of Montréal. Some say she was a scapegoat and racially discriminated for a crime she did not commit; while others hold her up as a symbol of rebellion against white colonization. C’est Moi explores the collision of the past as it meets the present in the forgotten story of an important figure in Black Canadian History. (Director: Howard J. Davis)

Venise Stephenson is a director and filmmaker from New York with an interest in complex interactions and psychological narratives. Her short films—The Waves, Leave Remain and Emily At The Park—have screened at various national and international film festivals. Her need for artistic expression and increasing cinematic ideas have opened a foray into the world of independent filmmaking. 
LEAVE REMAIN — Eris must say goodbye to Kali after a very bitter breakup, but just can’t bring himself to leave.
Actress, Lisa Allen, knew from a young age that the entertainment industry was where she belonged. After years of helping others in various areas of the entertainment industry fulfill their dreams, Lisa has fulfilled one of her own in her first film role.  “After 23 years in the business, they have not seen the best of me yet!”
THE KEEPER — Lisa, a community activist, is proud to help Raheem, the friend of her late son, Lenny. After looking after the less fortunate Raheem, he shares a secret about Lenny’s killer and it forces Lisa to make a difficult decision on how to deal with the killer. (Director: Yusuf Al-Rahman)
Filmmaker, Josza Anjembe, made her directing debut in 2016 with the short fiction film, French, for which she has won several film festival awards. Earlier on, Josza trained in journalism and political science, and currently works on various TV shows.
FRENCH(original title : Le bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux) Seventeen-year-old Seyna, a teenager of Cameroonian descent, is passionate about the history of France, the country where she was born and which she loves deeply. She has passed her baccalauréat and she will soon come of age. Seyna aspires to only one thing: to get her French citizenship. But her father, Amidou, is vehemently opposed to this.
TayLar is a local and regional actress who has appeared in Guest and Co-Starring roles in several television series: including, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Empire, The Chi, and the new upcoming television series entitled, NeXt. She also has several feature film credits in addition to her starring role in Shadow.
SHADOW — A women in her final stages of breast cancer lives her life alone, not wanting her friends or family to see her deteriorating condition. Deathly afraid of cats and dogs, she notices a black cat that constantly comes up to her window, wanting in. As she becomes increasingly ill, the cat, Shadow, helps her through her final stages. Is the cat real or just a part of her imagination? (Director: Bubba Murphy; Producer: Keith Morris)

Filmmaker, Katrelle Kindred, is a writer, director and producer who has gained industry-wide recognition. Her short film, War Paint, screened at numerous festivals, and qualified for the 2019 Academy Award shortlist. Katrelle’s desire is to continue writing and directing honest stories that focuses on global and social issues.
CALIGNOSITY — Angry, depressed, and lost in grief, Marie becomes withdrawn from her husband, Victor, when a senseless act of violence changes their home life forever. Trying to stay strong for his floundering wife, Victor’s resentment towards Marie begins to grow. The couple must learn how to love each other again, while navigating through the hurt. 
Filmmaker, Sewra G Kidane, is a renowned creative commercial film editor, working with fashion and beauty brands. She is also the highly acclaimed director and editor of the award-winning fashion film, Proclamation Punctuation, which has been named on Forbes’ list of “The 12 Best Fashion Films” and Aesthetica Magazine’s “5 To See Fashion Films.”
PROCLAMATION PUNCTUATION — An enthralling fashion film centered on a fabulously fascinating woman reciting a short soliloquy paying homage to her love for using exclamation points in her missives. Periods are so period, where as an exclamation point livens up a sentence! So when exclamation points are your philosophy on life, one must always keep it on the upbeat!

The Presenters

African American Women In Cinema (AAWIC) organization has served as continuous support for the vibrant work of women filmmakers for the past twenty-two years. AAWIC has provided a platform to showcase experienced and novice filmmakers, directors, producers, screenwriters and/or actors. Our mission is to expand, explore and create business opportunities for minority women filmmakers throughout the entertainment industry. It is the goal of AAWIC to give artistic women a path to fulfilling their dreams through showcasing their talents, exposure to peers’ interaction, and mentoring by established professionals.

In addition to donating to the grants for the individual featured filmmakers, we welcome and greatly appreciate any additional donations to the AAWIC Online Media Series project. You can make your tax deductible donation by clicking on the button below.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the AAWIC Online Media Series, or any of our other programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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